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Business Lifecycle

Manage Your Business

Business Advisors can provide expertise, advice, and services to help you run your business. Together we can explore financing options to determine whether using excess cash flow or securing a line of credit is optimal for you. We will create a financing plan tailored to your management goals and discuss which options make the most financial sense for you and your business. Are you ready to get started?

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The Lending Process

  • Connect — We will listen to you and learn from you to create a tailored loan package.
  • Underwriting — We will review your documents to ensure we have the necessary information.
  • Credit Review — We will review your loan package to ensure that it aligns with our credit policy.
  • Closing — We will review the final checklist with you to secure a closing date.
  • Servicing — Your Baker Boyer Advisor will continue to provide business insight and guidance to you and your business.

Business Calculators

Need help crunching some numbers? We have curated business calculators to help you determine the best price on products to make a profit or determine how much inventory you should hold.

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Financial Planning for Business Owners

Each business owner has a unique set of business and personal factors that influence the decisions they make. With expertise in financial planning, commercial lending, investments, and trusts, our D.S. Baker Advisors Team will work with you to find ways to provide insight to help you optimize your business and personal finances.

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Business Testimonial

Duke's Equipment & Parts: Playing a Part in Success

Andy Duke of Duke's Equipment & Parts always had a love for heavy equipment since he was a kid growing up in the logging industry. His passion and recognition of demand for machine parts eventually turned into a business that has been growing for over twelve years and we've been with him every step of the way. The close relationship with Baker Boyer's Business Advising & Lending team has helped put tools in place so Andy can focus on what matters most, his business.

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