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Financial Planning for Business Owners


Each business owner has a unique set of business and personal factors that influence the decisions they make. With expertise in financial planning, commercial lending, investments, and trusts, our D.S. Baker Advisors Team will work with you to find ways to provide insight to help you optimize your business and personal finances.

Here are three ways we can help you plan for the financial success of your business:

Goal Setting & Business Benchmarking: how do you benchmark the value of your business?

Financial Planning: how do you set and manage business and personal financial goals?

Succession Planning: how and when do you plan for the transition of your business? 


Goal Setting & Business Benchmarking

Our Business Advisors can walk you through a financial plan tailored to you and your business through a powerful tool called BizEquity. No matter where you are in your journey, our Business Advisors utilize BizEquity’s powerful software to provide you with a detailed report that will give you the critical knowledge to put you in a better position to:

  • Pursue growth initiatives
  • Improve business performance
  • Secure financing
  • Understand how to optimize the value of your business


 (We use metrics known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your review and comparison to industry-specific benchmarks linked to millions of other businesses. These KPIs are useful measures of the overall financial and operational health and growth of your business and they should be checked regularly in order to identify meaningful trends or “red flags” which require corrective action.)


Financial Planning

The first step to optimizing your business and personal financial situation is to help you articulate and quantify your near- and long-term goals. Then, we partner with your to develop and implement strategies for cash management, cost savings, retirement planning, tax strategies, benefit plans, and more.


Succession Planning

Succession planning ideally starts ten years out from the event (transition to next-generation or internal employee group or a sale). To enable proper leadership selection and training, business structure optimization, etc., we will determine if now is the right time to start succession planning. If it is, we will partner on development of a succession plan framework.


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