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Information to Power your Financial Future

When you work with Baker Boyer, you’ll discover that we strive to provide you with the information you need to gain confidence in the role of your finances in our future as you plan and create your family legacy. While a Personal Banker or a D.S. Baker Advisor would always be ready to help you address any questions or concerns you might have, we offer several resources to help you anytime.

These include:

Events: We offer a range of events, some for the general public and others by invitation only by your D.S. Baker Advisor.

Financial Intelligence: Our Executives and Advisors have written articles to provide information and insights related to topics such as economic trends, tax law changes, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions: In our FAQs, we offer concise responses to the questions we hear most often. In many cases, we also offer links to more detailed articles, external websites, or demos to help you address your needs.

Shareholder Reports This section contains current and historical information for shareholders of Baker Boyer Bancorp (BBBK), including annual reports, quarterly reports, and consolidated financial statements.

Budgeting Tool

Whether you just got your first job or you've just started retirement, the single most important action you can take to enhance your financial security is to create and manage a budget. This Budget Tool was created by Baker Boyer analysts to provide a solid starting point. Download it today so you can begin to manage our monthly finances, and test different income and expense scenarios. If you'd like help, please contact a Personal Banker in one of our branches or on the phone: (509) 525-2000.