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Our Approach

Ivan Castaneda

Business Advisor
Walla Walla
  • A.S., Walla Walla Community College
  • B.S., Managerial Economics, Oregon State University
  • Credit Analyst Certificate, Washington Bankers Association

Ivan came to Baker Boyer in 2012 and worked as a Telephone Banking Representative in our Contact Center. He then advanced into the Business Advising and Lending department as a Business Associate and then a Business Analyst. In 2021, he was promoted to his current role as a Business Advisor.  

Ivan’s experience in multiple roles at the bank have given him an understanding of the entire client experience when working with Baker Boyer’s Business Advising and Lending department. He strives to provide a smooth and welcoming experience for clients by understanding their needs and providing the most appropriate solution for them.  

Ivan values the organizations, people, and small businesses that make up the Walla Walla community. He gives back by participating in Baker Boyer’s many volunteer events throughout the year. 

  • Five Things About Me
  • Likes to run and bike, ran his first Spartan Race in 2021 and loved it!
  • Enjoys fishing, mainly trout and bass
  • Has two dogs
  • Has been to only five U.S. States
  • Favorite Book: “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing” by John C. Bogle