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Alert Concerning Increased Fraudulent Activity

Baker Boyer has detected and stopped several fraudulent attempts recently.

Please note that we will never contact you directly and ask for confidential information such as: your personal information, account numbers, or online banking login information (username, password, two-factor authentication code).

If you are ever unsure of the legitimacy of a call, please hang up and call us directly at (509)525-2000.

12-point Application Checklist

Application Checklist

To expedite your loan application processing, please bring the following information with you when you apply for your home loan:

  • ❏ Accepted purchase and sale agreement with any amendments or counteroffers signed by all parties.
  • ❏ Names and addresses of all employers for the previous two years.
  • ❏ Annual gross salary, last year’s Form W-2, and most recent payroll voucher.
  • ❏ If self-employed, copies of your federal income tax return for the previous two years.
  • ❏ If employed by your own corporation, copies of its returns for the previous two years and a year-to-date profit-and-loss statement.
  • ❏ If you choose to use your Social Security, disability, or pension income, bring a copy of a check or award certificate from the issuing agency.
  • ❏ Names and addresses of banks or credit unions in which you have accounts, including account numbers and balances.
  • ❏ List of all stocks, bond, certificates of deposit, and all other securities showing current market value, recent monthly and/or quarterly statements, account numbers, etc.
  • ❏ Life insurance: list issuing company’s name and policy number showing face amount and cash value less outstanding loans (if being used for down payment).
  • ❏ Real estate owned: list address, current market value, original loan amount, and current balance owing for any real estate owned, with the account number for each property. Provide same information for previously owned and paid off real estate, to verify net proceeds on the sale of property
  • ❏ Complete list of all obligations including installment loans, student loans, department store balances, and credit card balances.
  • ❏ If you have been a party to any legal proceeding, be prepared to provide a copy of any documents showing evidence of your rights to additional income or obligation of additional payments resulting from the action.
  • ❏ If you have had any credit concerns (e.g. bankruptcy, foreclosures, repossessions), be prepared to provide a copy of any documents showing the outcome of the proceedings.