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Mobile Wallet

Did you know that you can set up your Baker Boyer debit card for touchless payment?

Simply add your Baker Boyer debit card to the mobile wallet (or 'digital wallet') on your Android or Apple device, and pay for purchases using your phone instead of inserting your physical plastic card and entering your PIN on the shared touchpad. This also can eliminate reaching into your purse or wallet to retrieve your card.

This payment method keeps you safer from more than keypad touches. Mobile wallets use a one-time code to authorize your transaction at the terminal. The merchant does not see or store your card number. You confirm your identity through your phone, with a PIN, fingerprint, or face scan, and then tap the phone to pay.

When you use your Baker Boyer debit card with a mobile wallet you continue to have all the security features of your card such as 24/7 fraud monitoring. Mobile wallet information uploaded is encrypted, making it potentially safer than carrying physical cards with you.

How do use my mobile wallet?

Mobile wallets are easy to use and accepted at many local businesses and online merchants. Watch for the ‘Contactless’ symbol, the ‘Apple Pay' logo, the ‘Google Pay’ logo, or the 'Samsung Pay' logo at checkout:

contactless logo     Apple Pay logo     Google Pay logosamsung pay log

How do start using my mobile wallet?

Download the Apple Pay or Android Pay App if it’s not already on your phone. Follow the prompts to add your Baker Boyer debit card.

Please note: Baker Boyer reviews all new requests to attach your account to a mobile wallet for added security. Please allow us two business days before you use your mobile wallet the first time.  

What if I lose my phone?

Protect your mobile wallet and other sensitive information by securing your device with a passcode, thumbprint, or another biometric method. You can also install apps that will help you locate your phone and clear data remotely if it falls in unauthorized hands. See our Tips to Help You Feel Safe About Online Banking for more ideas.

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