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Baker Boyer Shares its Efforts of Educating and Encouraging its Employees and Communities to Get Vaccinated in Hopes That Other Businesses do Likewise


By implementing initiatives and communication, Eastern Washington businesses can make an impact towards efforts to reach herd immunity. Baker Boyer shares the initiatives it took to encourage its employees and the community to consider getting vaccinated in the hopes that it will help other businesses find additional ways they can help too.

“Our employees and leadership have worked hard throughout the Pandemic to educate both internally and externally on the health benefits of the vaccine and encourage those comfortable to get vaccinated with the goal of keeping our clients, employees and the community as safe as possible,” said Baker Boyer President/CEO Mark Kajita.

“We are pleased that our efforts have enabled us to achieve an 84% vaccination rate amongst our employee group. We encourage all businesses to do likewise.”

Here are some ways that Baker Boyer supported vaccinations among its employees and our community that may work for other organizations:

  • Encouraged employees to get vaccinated. For its employees, Baker Boyer granted two days of paid time-off for those that made the decision to get vaccinated, and the time when the employee went and got the vaccination was paid. Additionally, Baker Boyer announced large cash drawings of several thousand dollars for achieving vaccine milestones of 75%, 80%, and 85% within their staff. Through education and encouragement, Baker Boyer employees successfully reached 84% vaccination rate.
  • Hosted a public vaccine forum open to the community where local health experts discussed the COVID-19 vaccine, its effectiveness, and the importance of herd immunity. Baker Boyer’s forum and several other resources are hosted on their website: https://www.bakerboyer.com/coronavirus.
  • Created and shared a video with community leaders and members explaining the benefits of getting vaccinated and increased risks for not.
  • Donated lunches or supplies to vaccine clinics. Baker Boyer donated lunches in Walla Walla and the Tri-Cities to support the volunteer staff as well as provided funding for EpiPens.
  • Volunteered at vaccine clinics. Many Baker Boyer employees volunteered their time at local vaccine clinics in support of the efforts to reach herd immunity; also providing an opportunity for employee bonding. Flexibility in scheduling for these efforts was provided by Baker Boyer and the bank also paid for some of the time.

“Maximizing vaccinations will enable life for everyone in Eastern Washington to get back to a new normal as rapidly as possible. We all want the same thing, a healthy and safe community for all of us.” said Baker Boyer President/CEO Mark Kajita.

Every business has a different set of resources to offer, and no act is too small. Baker Boyer believes in the power of community and trusts we can reach herd immunity by working together.