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Baker Boyer's Response to COVID-19


This page will be updated with new announcements, articles, and videos as new information comes in.

Baker Boyer Announces Temporary Closure of Public Spaces


In a video message and accompanying letter, Mark Kajita announces the Baker Boyer will temporarily close the public spaces -- lobbies and meeting rooms -- of all of its branch locations effective immediately.  Read more. 

Health Precautions in Response to COVID-19


In a letter to clients, Mark Kajita shares his thoughts on the current and potential impacts of the new strain of coronavirus, COVID-19. "Overall, I believe this is a time to neither panic nor ignore precautions. Rather, it is a time to make calm, rational and prudent decisions in order to ensure your health and the health of others." Read More.

Articles & Videos: Insights on the Impact to Markets and Investing

The Long-Term Power of Compounding: Understanding the Impact of Market Volatility on Retirement Investments

The Long-Term Power of Compounding


Compounding has been called the 8th wonder of the world, and for good reason! It is a powerful force that caused growth-on-growth. While compounding can create problems in battling a new virus (such as COVID-19), it is the key to long-term financial growth as you plan for retirement.

Video Insights from John Cunnison, Chief Investment Officer


John Cunnison, VP and Chief Investment Officer at Baker Boyer shares his thoughts on the potential economic impacts that the Coronavirus may have on the local and national economies.

Through Volatility and Viruses, We Are Prepared


Market volatility is always challenging, but thoughtful anticipation and planning has put Baker Boyer in a position to weather the current storm and maintain a strong footing when we emerge on the other side.

Coronavirus and Your Investments


Predictably, stocks are down on COVID-19 news. At Baker Boyer, we build diversified portfolios for exactly these kinds of events. Our investment team has been reducing equity exposure in our standard portfolio model models for several years, as stock prices, particularly in the US, have climbed. We have been harvesting gains.

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