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Baker Boyer announces $45,000 in donations for operational costs to help non-profits in response to the Pandemic

In response to the Pandemic and its continued impact on local non-profits, Baker Boyer is announcing $45,000 in donations to organizations in Walla Walla, Milton-Freewater, Tri-Cities, and Yakima. This funding will be directed towards the operational costs of these organizations as that has been a huge challenge for some. Baker Boyer is committed to giving back to the communities it serves and doing everything it can to support people, businesses, and non-profits through the Pandemic. 

“At Baker Boyer we believe it is our responsibility to give back to our communities, especially during difficult times like these,” said Mark Kajita, Baker Boyer President and CEO. “We understand that the Pandemic has affected everyone, and certainly our critical non-profits that help some of the most in need. We are all in this together and everyone is hopeful that things will return to the new normal as soon as possible.” 

Baker Boyer worked with local United Way representatives in Walla Walla, Tri-Cities, Milton-Freewater, and Yakima to determine the greatest need for the non-profits in each area. Many of these organizations are experiencing unique challenges due to the Pandemic.  

Here are the recipients of contributions made: 

Safe Harbor, a shelter for homeless teens ages 13-17 that provides counseling for substance abuse - $5,000, Tri-Cities 

Wellness House, offers free support services, education and resources to individuals suffering from cancer or other life-challenging illnesses - $10,000, Yakima 

Voices for Children, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of neglected and abused children in the foster care system - $5,000, Yakima 

The Health Center, provides mental health support for children in many schools in the Walla Walla area - $10,000, Walla Walla 

Lillie Rice Center, provides employment and support services to individuals with developmental disabilities - $10,000, Walla Walla 

Milton-Freewater Neighborhood Senior Center, provides discounted meals for seniors and runs the Meals on Wheels program to provide meals to seniors at home - $5,000, Milton-Freewater 

Baker Boyer is proud to support the many non-profits and businesses that make an impact in the community. Throughout the Pandemic, Baker Boyer has done all that they can to help local non-profits, including rerouting funds for special Pandemic funding. Each year, Baker Boyer contributes several hundred thousand dollars in donations and sponsorships to support local non-profit and community organizations and programs.