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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I archive accounts that were linked using the previous method of adding accounts?

When you archive an account, that account will no longer be used in the different features available on this application. As where closed accounts show historical information, archived accounts will not show any historical or new information throughout the various features on this application. We are suggesting that you consider archiving any accounts that you previously added before you re-add that same account using our new method of adding non-Baker Boyer accounts. When you add an account using our new method, we will retrieve 180 days of historical data for you. If the account you previously added has transactions in that 180-day window, you will see those same transactions appearing for the new account you added as well. For security reasons, we do not access your account number, and because of that, we view those accounts as two distinct accounts. By archiving the account, you added using the previous method, you will eliminate the possibility of seeing the same transactions under different accounts. If you do not have transactions available in the previous 90 days for accounts you previously added, you do not need to be concerned about this scenario. If you do not wish to archive accounts you previously added, you can also use the filters available for each of the features in our application to select which accounts you wish to hide or show.