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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the status of my debit card?

Clients can change the status of their debit card by calling the bank and speaking with a representative, by using our 24-Hour Banking service, by visiting an ATM, or by using our Digital Banking platform solution. Our Digital Banking platform solution is accessible via mobile app or web browser.

The following options will be found in the card management section of our Digital Banking.

To activate a new card:
Select the card that needs to be activated
Select “Activate New Card”
The card is now active for electronic transactions. If you need to make PIN-based transactions, the PIN will need to be activated at an ATM by doing a balance inquiry or transaction.

To lock a card:
Select the card that needs to be locked
Toggle the card “off”
A popup will appear confirming you wish to lock the card. You can easily unlock the card active again by toggling the card back to “on”.

To report a lost or stolen card:
Select the card that needs to be reported
Select “Report Lost/Stolen”
A popup will appear asking you to confirm if the card was lost or stolen.
Select “Report” to continue. This will permanently deactivate the card.
*Please contact the Bank after taking this step so a new card may be ordered.