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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the status of my debit card?

You have the option to:

To activate a new card:

  • Select the card that needs activated
  • Select “Activate New Card”
  • The card is now active for electronic transactions. If you need to make PIN based transactions, the PIN will need to be activated at an ATM by doing a balance inquiry.

To lock a card:

  • Select the card that needs locked
  • Toggle the card “off”
  • A popup will appear confirming you wish to lock the card. You can easily re-activate the card active again by toggling the card on.

To report a lost or stolen card:

  • Select the card that needs to be reported
  • Select “Report Lost/Stolen”
  • A popup will appear asking you to confirm if the card was lost or stolen.
    • Select “Report” to continue. This will permanently deactivate the card.
    • *Please contact the Digital Banking department after taking this step so we may order you a new card.