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Miles for Charity


At Baker Boyer, we understand the importance of taking care of one’s mental health. With most of our employees working remotely, we believe it is important to promote activities that will encourage our employees to take care of themselves. For the past month, our employees participated in a “Miles for Charity” challenge to raise money for Comprehensive Healthcare, an organization that provides a wide range of mental health treatments in Yakima, Walla Walla, and Benton-Franklin Counties.

#milesforcharity in chalk

This event was a way to encourage employees to get outside and/or exercise for their personal mental health. Along with that, it was a way for our employees to interact and share photos with each other virtually! Each week, employees counted how many miles they walked, ran, or biked while participating in weekly photo challenges. These challenges included: taking a selfie during their exercise, taking a photo nature they saw while logging their miles, taking a photo of their kid or pet exercising with them, and taking a photo featuring #milesforcharity.

Baker Boyer agreed to match one dollar for every mile completed by employees. By the end of the month, our employees raised $4,282.13!

We selected Comprehensive Healthcare as the beneficiary of the funds raised in this Miles for Charity challenge. The organization provides a wide range of mental health and substance use disorder treatments in Eastern Washington through outpatient and residential treatment services as well as providing Employee Assistance Program services to local businesses. This employee benefit creates access for employees and their family members to receive brief, solution-focused counseling for a wide variety of concerns that may impact work performance.

Here a few highlights shared by our "Miles for Charity" participants:

Brad Hansen, Trust Advisor Yakima

Backpacking on the Wonderland Trail

"What a great challenge Baker Boyer put together for its employees - I got to spend time at one of the most beautiful spots in our Great State while also raising money for those who need it most in our communities! Thanks Baker Boyer for allowing us to raise funds walking and hiking #milesforcharity!" 


Ellen Dougherty, Trust Associate Walla Walla

"I love riding my bike... love it even more when I'm raising funds for local charities."


Cindy Penwell, Investment Associate Tri-Cities

Hiking in Panther Creek Falls, WA

"I love to walk and hike so when Baker Boyer announced the Miles for Charity challenge, I immediately signed up. It was great to know that for every mile I walked, money was being raised to be donated back to the community. Thanks, Baker Boyer, for making my miles count!"


Hollina Wadsworth, Financial Planner Walla Walla

"Could not be more grateful to work for a company that is extremely supportive of their employees and our community. What a great feeling to get outside, get some fresh air, and know that it contributed to a charity."


Jubilee Lake, OR

Photo taken by Jessica Long, Executive Project Manager & Senior Executive Assistant


Wheatfields in Walla Walla, WA

Photo taken by Eric Denney, Family Advisor


Tollgate, OR

Photo taken by Brittany Nelson, Trust Associate