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Here to Serve



Dear Client of Baker Boyer:


In our 150 years of existence, Baker Boyer has witnessed the best of humanity and the worst. Currently, as all humanity combats COVID-19, we are seeing the best. Communities throughout the country are banding together to provide safety for their entire community, and outreach of businesses and individuals are assisting our health care providers. This collective effort to safeguard the health of our species is one of unprecedented kindness and responsibility.

Likewise, Baker Boyer will also fulfill its responsibilities by protecting the health, safety, and economies of the communities we serve. We will do this because we are the strong institution on which our communities have always relied. We have done many things to remain strong through 15 decades, including preparing emergency procedures over a decade ago for pandemic situations like COVID-19. In February, we swiftly enacted these procedures in all communities in our footprint, and with every employee and expert that we employ.

In addition, Baker Boyer enters this event in the strongest financial position we have ever been in. We recently finished the two best financial years (2018 and 2019) in the history of the Bank thanks to the support of our clients and the communities we have the privilege of serving. This leaves Baker Boyer with the largest capital position, the largest volume of deposits, most assets under management with our investment clients,  strongest loan quality, and the strongest loan loss reserve we have ever had. In addition, Baker Boyer’s liquidity of over one-quarter of a billion dollars is available for us to deploy to our clients in Yakima, the Tri-Cities, and the Walla Walla Valley.

All of our strength is here, ready for you, our customers, and our community. I will remind you, Baker Boyer has seen many events come and go, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no different – it shall pass. When it does, Baker Boyer will continue to be here, to help you grow and prosper once again.

If you have any questions, please contact me at Baker Boyer. We, the employees of Baker Boyer, pledge that we will be here for you. We have done so in the past, we are doing so now, and we will do so in the future.


Mark H. Kajita, CPA
President and CEO
Baker Boyer Bank