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Baker Boyer Awards Finance Academy Scholarships

Baker Boyer is thrilled to announce the recipients of three $1,000 scholarships through the Bank’s financial literacy program, Finance Academy by Baker Boyer.

Janhet Lopez and Jiovani Herrera, both 2024 College Place High School graduates, and Amrinder Singh, a 2024 McLoughlin High School graduate, have been selected as this year’s winners. The scholarship competition is open to students who complete the program that brings critical concepts around budgeting, credit cards, student loans, retirement plans, taxes, stocks, mortgages, and more into classrooms.

“We are proud to contribute to the academic journey of these talented individuals, investing in their potential to make a positive impact on our community,” said program leaders Jessica Long and Megan Doblar.

This is the fourth year for the scholarships. Finance Academy is administered through a partnership with international tech company EVERFI, which delivers digital lessons. Schools and other educational organizations can participate at no cost. Teachers are provided training, tools, and support.

By instilling financial knowledge early on, we empower students to make informed decisions and develop healthy financial habits that will benefit them throughout their lives, understanding concepts such as budgeting, saving, and responsible borrowing equips individuals with the tools to navigate economic challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve financial independence.

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