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Personal Loans & Services

The basic types of personal loans we offer are outlined here, but we encourage you to talk with a Consumer Loan Advisor when considering a loan. It’s likely we can find a way to get you the funds you need. You also benefit from local decision making, which means faster approval and processing.

Personal Loans

Sometimes life offers unexpected opportunities. A chance to go back to school or the chance to finally purchase the perfect antique kitchen table and chairs. At other times, life can give us unexpected bills to pay—from medical bills to auto repairs. No matter what your reason or need, a personal loan may be just the financial tool you need. There’s no need for collateral, and the rates are better than those on most credit cards.  Apply now.

Ready Credit

Using your Ready Credit is as easy as writing a check. It’s your personal line of credit that complements your checking account. It’s a form of overdraft protection, as well as being available for unexpected needs or opportunities. And the rate and fee are better than those of most credit cards. Apply now. 

Auto Loans

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used car, our flexible auto loans may be just what you need. Often times, the interest rate is lower than it would be when getting a loan directly from a dealer. Our advisors can help you determine the value of your trade-in and can also pre-approve your loan prior to your actual purchase. Apply now. 

Recreational Vehicle Loans

From boats to campers, jet skis to snowmobiles, and motorcycles to 4-wheelers, we have a loan to help purchase that vehicle you can’t live without. You’ll find that our interest rate may be lower than what a dealer will offer you and we have various repayment terms. Apply now. 

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