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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Learn more about two-factor authentication and how it enhances the security of your account online. This brief guide will walk you through the process for each option for authentication.

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication is an advanced method of confirming your identity by using a combination of factors. For example, something you know such as a User ID and password, and a randomly generated, constantly-refreshing code. This tool has become the industry standard for multiple online services such as banks, email providers, social media, etc.

How does the Two-Factor Authentication work?

Clients can opt into one of three different options including text message, phone call, and authentication app.


Text Message option

    • If you select the 'text message' option for authentication, a message containing your authorization should arrive within a few moments but could take up to a minute to arrive during peak access times.
    • Your authentication code will be sent from the number: 78156.

    Things to remember:

    • Authentication codes are always 7 digits long
    • Authentication code will expire after 15 minutes
    • Always verify you are using the most recent message


    Phone Call option

    • If you choose the phone call option, please be sure you have access to that phone before starting the process.
    • Your phone calls should arrive within a few moments but could take up to a minute to arrive during peak access times.
    • The auto assistant will ask you to verify you are human by pressing a number on the keypad. This number will change each time you receive this phone call.
    • Authentication codes will come from phone number: (360) 492-4670.
    • The auto assistant will repeat the 7-digit number slowly three times before ending the call.
    • Authentication code will expire after 15 minutes.


    Authentication App option

    Website: www.authy.com
    • This app (Authy) can be installed on a mobile device, Windows computer, or Apple computer.
    • Authy is free to use.
    • Authentication codes in Authy are 6 digits and refresh every 30 seconds.
    • Detailed user guides can be found on their website.


    Common Questions & Answers

    QUESTION: I don't have a cellphone. What options do I have to receive the two-factor authentication?

    ANSWER: You have two options available:

    Option 1: You can choose the phone call option to receive your authentication code.

    Option 2: You can download the Authy app on your computer or device by going to www.authy.com and clicking the download button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


    QUESTION: I have a business and don't want to use my personal cellphone number. What are my other options?

    ANSWER: You have two options available:

    Option 1: Download the Authy app to your computer. It will function as a soft token for verification.

    Option 2: Use the phone call verification option.

     Note: Please use a direct line whenever possible so the initial message is not missed.