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First Time Login for Existing Online Banking Users

The first time you log in to the new digital banking solution -- whether online or with the App -- you will need to set up “Two-Factor Authentication,” which will require you have ready both an email and a phone number. To learn how simple this can be, please watch this video or follow the steps in the brief visual guide below. 

Step-by-Step Visual Guide

Step 1: Enter your username and click Continue.

 First time login screen 1

Step 2: Enter your password and Click Sign In.

Note: Forgot? Will help you recover your password AFTER your first successful login to the new Digital Banking Platform.

 First time login screen 2

Step 3: Secure your account with Two-Factor Authentication. Enter an email and a phone number that you will have access to during this login. Click Next.

 First time login screen 3

Step 4: Choose how to receive the code to the number you provided – by text message or a phone call. Click the radio button by your choice, and click Next.

Note: You may also use the “Authy” authenticator app if installed on your device. The Authy app is currently the only authenticator app supported.

 First Time Login screen 4

Step 5: Enter the code you received and click Verify.

If you didn’t receive the code, click Resend at the bottom of the panel. Or choose Try another way to choose a different method or phone number.

Note: if using a trusted computer, you may click the box to not be asked for codes again. Do not check this if using a public or shared device.

 First Time Login Screen 5

Step 6: Verification is enabled. Click Ok to continue.

 First Time login screen 6

Step 7: Read the User Agreement, scrolling down to see all the text, and click Accept.

 First Time Login Screen 7

Congratulations! You are logged in to the new Digital Banking platform.

First time login screen 8

If you have any questions, please call our Contact Center at (509) 525-2000.