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Our Approach

Jake Kotzman

Investment Advisor
Walla Walla
  • Associate degree in enology and viticulture, Walla Walla Community College 
  • Pursuing bachelor’s in business administration 

After more than a decade in the food and wine industries, Jake joined Baker Boyer in 2022. He’d spent eight years managing kitchens in Colorado and Spokane, then moved to Walla Walla and earned an enology and viticulture degree. He worked his way from cellar hand to cellar manager at Dusted Valley Vintners and became enologist at custom crush winery Artifex Wine Co. He started at Baker Boyer as an asset management associate with a goal to help clients realize their financial independence. 

Spurred by a passion for personal finance education, he works with clients to help them define and achieve their financial purpose — whether that be charitable acts, world travel or quality time with family and friends. Strong, straight-forward communication combined with access to Baker Boyer’s wealth management and financial planning expertise anchor his professional approach. Among his favorite aspects of work are helping clients secure their financial goals following a long career and helping young people begin their financial journey on the right footing.  

Outside of work, Jake spends his time with his wife and children in their vegetable garden, and is president and treasurer of Walla Walla Valley Ultimate, a nonprofit organization that promotes the sport of ultimate. 

  • Five Things About Me
  • Father of three daughters
  • Coached the Whitman College men's ultimate frisbee team that placed fifth at the 2021 Division III College Championships
  • From Kansas City, Kansas — “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!” and “Go, CHIEFS!”
  • Though not a vegetarian, enjoys cooking tofu for friends in a way that elicits, “I don’t usually like tofu, but …”
  • Favorite Books: “Confederates in the Attic” by Tony Horwitz and “What’s the Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Frank