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Wealth Management

A Different Approach to Your Financial Journey

As the original community bank in the Northwest, founded 150 years ago, we are a group of financial planners and advisors dedicated to helping create family legacies grown locally. Since our founding, we have developed ways to lead and innovate to support local families along their financial journeys.

Baker Boyer’s success has been based on an entrepreneurial approach, always looking for innovative ways to add value to the communities we serve.  Our founder, Dr. Dorsey Syng Baker, was a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded a medical practice, a mercantile, built a railroad, started a steamship company, donated the land where Whitman College resides, and of course he founded Baker Boyer National Bank in 1869.

Who are D.S. Baker Advisors?

As namesakes for our founder, D.S. Baker Advisors is a team with diverse expertise who are all focused on one goal: to help local families manage assets to build local legacies. We simplify the wealth journey by bringing together a full panel of wealth management experts—each with a deep knowledge of various aspects of financial planning.

At the centerpiece of this bold new concept is a personal financial concierge we call the Family Advisor who sees what help you need before you ask, brings in the right expertise for the issue at hand, and ensures that all advisors are working hand-in-hand—rather than in independent silos—to reach your goals.

Our D.S. Baker Advisors are among the best-of-the-best wealth managers and the only local family of wealth management experts that helps grow, protect and secure family legacies. Meet the D.S. Baker Advisors team.