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How to set up an Account Alert

Setting up Account Alerts will ensure you receive a notification for a large dollar transaction, low balance, or other important activity.

Step-by-Step Visual Guide

In this example, we are setting an alert for deposits over $599You can also set alerts for withdrawals and balances. Alerts are set per account. 

Step 1: Click on the Account you would like to set an Alert for. 

 Account Alert screenshot 1


Step 2: Click Alert preferences

Account Alert screenshot 2


Step 3: Click on Transaction (for this example, setting up a deposit Alert)

Accoun Alert screenshot 3


Step 4: Click Add alert

Account Alert screenshot 4


Step 5: Complete the screen, including transaction type, dollar amount, and notification preferences. When finished, click the Add alert button at the bottom of the screen.

Account Alert screenshot 5 


Step 6: Verify the Alert preference is set up as you intended.

Account Alert screenshot 6


Step 7 (if needed): If you decide you want to remove or change the Alert, click 'Edit' to the right of the Alert in the illustration above. Then you can either make changes to the Alert and Save or click the trash can symbol to Delete.

Account Alert screenshot 7