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Best Practices for Saving Digital Banking Links

Best Practices for Saving Digital Banking Links

Learn more about bookmarking and saving your login information.

May I create a bookmark for Digital Banking?

The best practice is creating a bookmark/favorite for bakerboyer.com. You may also bookmark https://banking.bakerboyer.com/login.


Should I allow my browser to remember my username and password?

For security reasons, we do not recommend allowing your browser to remember your login information, as it can lead to you getting locked out of your digital banking. A saved password may not apply across all web browsers or to the mobile app, and will cause issues for you when logging in.


Will my old bookmark still work?

Sometimes. Many older bookmarks contain outdated security information which could re-direct you to outdated versions of our service. If you attempt to login and do not see the rolling foothills of the Blue Mountains, you are at an outdated site. The best practice would be to delete that bookmark and establish a new one.