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Business Checking Accounts

Baker Boyer offers two tiers of checking account options for our business clients. A summary of features is listed below. If you'd prefer, you may view or print a one-page summary chart here.  

Checking Accounts

Business Account Analysis*

  • Opening Balance: $100
  • Service Charge: monthly service charge based on account analysis, starting with $14 base monthly service charge
  • Other Account Fees: See above
  • Interest: N/A

Interest Business

  • Opening Balance: $5,000
  • Service Charge: $15 monthly service charge, waived with minimum daily balance of $5,000
  • Other Account Fees: 50 cents per posted check (in excess of 25); 30 cents per deposited item (in excess of 50).
  • Interest: Interest is earned daily and paid monthly on collected balance if greater than $5,000

*Analyzed Account
Earnings Credit—All collected funds in your Business Checking account earn a credit which is used to reduce your monthly service charge. This credit is derived by applying earnings credit to your daily collected balance after a 15% reserve requirement has been deducted. This earning rate is the same as the monthly average of the discounted 90-day Treasury Bill rate and is subject to change on the last day of each month.
Uncollected Funds —If checking withdrawals are made faster than incoming checks are collected you are, in effect, using bank funds. For this service, a fee is assessed for uncollected funds using the monthly average of the 90-day Treasury Bill rate plus 4%. This rate is subject to change on the last business day of each month. When your charges exceed the earnings credit, the amount results in a service charge being applied.