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Business Digital Banking Q&A

Here are the answers to our frequently asked Business Digital Banking questions. If you have any further questions please contact Baker Boyer Bank at (509) 525-2000 or email us at info@bakerboyer.com.

Q:Why did my Bill Pay change from Business to Personal?

If you are using a personal online banking account, your Bill Pay and corresponding limits have been set to personal as well. Please contact us to arrange a switch to the full business platform.

Q:Will my alerts still work for my business accounts?

Yes, alerts set up prior to the conversion will continue to work for you as a business online user.

Q:Are ACH, Wire, and Positive Pay available in the new digital banking solution?
  • These functions are not yet available on the new platform. So, when you log in to our new system, you will need to click the “Business” tab. This will return you to the “old” system for these functions (and business bill pay, if enrolled) only.
  • To return to the new digital banking solutions to view accounts, complete transfers, etc., simply click the new “Online Banking” tab.
Q:Why am I not being prompted for my token when I log in to the digital banking solution?

With the new system, the only time you will be prompted with the token is when you use the Cash Management services through the Business tab (Note: the Business Tab is only available in the browser version of our digital banking solution).

Q:How do I simplify logging in if I have multiple accounts, e.g. both Business and Personal accounts?

In the Baker Boyer Digital Banking app, you can register your multiple online banking IDs and switch between profiles with the press of a button. No more signing in and out with different passwords.

Follow these steps to add additional accounts:

Step 1: Login to the Baker Boyer Digital Banking App and open the main menu (the three lines in the top left).

Step 2: Open the profile menu by selecting the arrow next to your account name at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Select “Add profile” or “Switch profiles”. The app will invite you to login with the other profile.

Step 4: After you have logged into the second profile, you will be able to switch between profiles. This can be done on the login screen or inside the profile.

Q:If I have had QuickBooks synced with my Online Banking, will that automatically be transferred to the new system?

If you have QuickBooks connected to your Online Banking using DirectConnect, we expect a seamless transfer on upgrade day. If you have other types of connections or do have issues, please disconnect and reconnect to Baker Boyer through QuickBooks.