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Financial Intelligence

"Bayes"-ed and Confused

How do we make sense of the multiple sources of information that bombard us every day? Could the 18th-century statistician and philosopher, Rev. Thomas Bayes, have a useful perspective?

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Trade Wars, Blind Men & Elephants

International trade is in the news. As investors, one big question is: how might a trade war impact the market. The parable of the Blind Men and the Elephants offers some insight.

Tune Out the Noise!

Recent market volatility understandably creates angst, but enduring volatility is part of a smart investment strategy. Bottom line: it is about time in the markets, not timing the markets.

Prime Example: Planning Pays

Going through the process of constructing a plan, no matter how simple or complex, will break the link between short-term market fluctuations and your blood pressure.

Prepared for Normal

The recent volatility we have seen in the stock market can be unnerving for investors. What is “normal”? This article helps to reset expectations for investors.