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Baker Boyer Funds Meal Program for First Responders and Frontline Healthcare Workers

Baker Boyer is helping to provide complimentary meals from local restaurants to first responders and frontline healthcare workers. Partnering with twelve local restaurants, Baker Boyer is subsidizing the cost for these meals to show gratitude to those on the “front lines” caring for the community during this COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to traditional emergency personnel like police and fire, this includes doctors, nurses, public health workers, and all supporting healthcare employees working to serve our community in these challenging times. The program will run for at least the next three weeks.

“We think it’s very important that we express our gratitude to the men and women who have been tirelessly preparing and responding during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Mark Kajita, president and CEO of Baker Boyer. “At the same time, we hope this provides a boost to local restaurants whose businesses have been impacted by the current situation.”

Baker Boyer will fund each restaurant—all Baker Boyer clients—with $1,000 per location or market as specified below. The restaurants will determine the best means to apply those funds to provide meals for first responders and frontline healthcare workers. They may provide a special offer on their website or social media for a meal to be picked up at the restaurant, or they may choose to package and present meals to one or more qualifying organizations or businesses. Please check online or call the participating restaurants to learn more about their specific offer and how they will verify eligibility. The program will run in phases with three sets of local restaurants, with each providing the complimentary meals until their funding is fully utilized.

Starting April 22:

  • Dairy Queen - SOLD OUT
    • Yakima: 7410 Nob Hill Blvd.
    • Tri-Cities: all locations
    • Walla Walla: 1474 Plaza Way
  • Dora’s Deli (Walla Walla)
  • Ice-Burg Drive-In (Walla Walla) - SOLD OUT
  • Bright’s Candies (Walla Walla) - SOLD OUT

Starting April 29:

  • Bella Italia (Tri-Cities)
  • Sub Shop 38 (Milton-Freewater)
  • Taqueria Yungapeti (Walla Walla)
  • Walla Walla Pasta Factory (Walla Walla) - SOLD OUT
  • Walla Walla Worm Ranch (Walla Walla)

Starting May 6:

  • Baskin-Robbins (Walla Walla)
  • Tony’s Sub Shop (Walla Walla)- SOLD OUT
  • The Burger Hut (Milton-Freewater)

This is just one new way that Baker Boyer has supported our community through sponsorships and donations. Each year, Baker Boyer contributes nearly $200,000 in donations and sponsorships to support local nonprofit and community organizations and programs. Our employees also volunteer 1000s of hours each year as board members, coaches, mentors, and more.

In addition, if you missed it, you may be interested in a video we recently produced: A Conversation With Dr. William Foege and Dr. Tony Billingsley on COVID-19