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Baker Boyer is Proactive in Technology Security


As you may have seen in the news this weekend, a global ransomware outbreak began last Friday. This ransomware variant, WannaCry, has spread rapidly and infiltrated at least 200,000 targets, including businesses, hospitals, and government agencies, throughout 150 countries.

Ransomware attacks have been happening for over four years and many of the mitigations and steps taken to blunt previous attacks are effective in this case as well. Baker Boyer has taken steps over the years to prevent this type of attack from being successful and to minimize any damage that may occur as a result of an infection.

In this specific attack, Baker Boyer has been actively patching the vulnerability exploited since March 15. Baker Boyer continually addresses cybersecurity issues and will actively monitor this and other threats and take appropriate action.

WannaCry spreads by deploying a worm that makes use of a vulnerability in a networking protocol. Your best defense right now is to ensure you have patched the vulnerability being exploited and that your anti-virus software is up to date.

You can get information about the specific vulnerability, and links to the patch, here:

If you are running an end-of-life Operating System, like Windows XP, Microsoft has made available patches here: