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We've Got Your Back Loan Program

A simplified credit program available to any Federal Employee impacted by the government shutdown.  

“Having been a child of parents who worked as Federal Employees, I know how financially difficult times can get when there is a federal government shutdown. This program is designed to help those employees affected by this current shutdown make payments on bills such as mortgages, child-care, food, and other essentials to make their lives just that much more stress-free. Baker Boyer has your back!”

~President and CEO, Mark Kajita

Over the past 150 years, Baker Boyer has stood by our community and will now stand by our Federal Employees during this difficult financial time by extending unsecured credit of up to one month’s net pay, up to $10,000. The "We've Got Your Back" loan program will have simplified qualifying terms and be available to any Federal Employee impacted by the government shutdown if they are on furlough, working without pay, or have experienced any direct financial impact due to the lack of monthly payroll income.


  1. Must reside within the geographic footprint of the Bank (Walla Walla Valley, Columbia Basin, Yakima Valley).
  2. Provide proof of Federal Government Employment via December 2018 paystub.
  3. Provide written or verbal proof that you are a Federal Employee who has been furloughed, working without pay, or otherwise directly impacted financially by the Government Shutdown.
  4. Subject to a credit score review.
  5. Do not need to be a current Baker Boyer customer.
  6. Normal Client ID information will be required (copy of driver’s license, etc.).

Other details:

  • Interest rate:  0.00% for 6 months with option to extend up to 12 months at 3.00% fixed.
  • Term:  6 months. 0.00% APR based on 1 payment of principal at end of 6 months.  (sample loan of $1,000 with 1 payment of $1,000)
  • Extended terms*:  Loans up to 12 months. 2.9875% APR based on 12-month term of principal and interest. (sample loan of $5,000 with 12 payments of $423.44)
  • Program will end 30 days after the government reopens.
  • Loans will be evaluated and processed usually within 24 hours of receiving a completed application.
  • If shutdown persists, additional loans for subsequent months will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Loan amount based on monthly net pay, maximum of $10,000.
  • All loan origination fees are waived.

* Extended terms APR and payment amount may vary based on loan amount and term requested.

Application form is here.