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Mobile Deposit ~ Detailed Instructions

Before you begin your Mobile Deposit, please prepare your check(s) for deposit. Sign the back and mark it “For Mobile Deposit Only.” See the Mobile Banking Q&A for more information.

  1. Open Mobile Banking App and log in

From the top left of any screen, press the three bars to access “other options.”

Mobile Deposit

  1. Choose Deposits – camera icon

 Choose Deposits

  1. On the Deposit, screen Press the + to add a new deposit. The + will be in the upper or lower right of the screen (depending on your app; see Option 1 or Option 2 below for locations). This screen will also show any previous mobile deposits.

Option 1:

 Option 1

Option 2:

 Option 2

  1. Get a photo of the front and back of your check. The next screen guides you through taking a picture of the front and back of the check, entering the dollar amount, and selecting the account you want the check to be deposited to. To start, Press the camera Icon in the Front of Check area.

 Photo of Check

  1. Center the check, in the guideline box. The picture will be taken automatically when the check is in the frame correctly, and a “Success” message appears. The app will prompt you to get closer, farther, or adjust the angle if needed.

 Front of Check

Repeat the process for the back of the check, choosing the back of the check camera icon.

 Back of Check

  1. Complete the screen by pressing Select Account to choose the account to deposit to and clicking the amount to enter the amount of the check.

 Select Account

  1. When the screen is complete, press Submit to send the deposit to Baker Boyer. Click Reset any time on this screen if you need to start over with your deposit.


  1. Click Finish to complete, or Deposit Another for additional checks.


  1. You will be returned to the Mobile Deposits screen and will see your successfully completed remote deposit(s).
  2. Press the three bars in the upper left to choose other options and continue with mobile banking.

 Check Deposit

Keep checks deposited with Mobile Banking for 10 days after they post to your account. Then destroy by shredding.

Need to know your Mobile Deposit Limits available? Press the i in the circle at the top right.

 Mobile Deposit Limits

Your number of items and deposit counts, and available amount remaining is displayed.

 Deposit Amount Space