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Our Approach

Nicole Meharry

Trust Advisor
Walla Walla

• B.A., English Writing and Speaking, Union College

Before joining Baker Boyer in 2023, Nicole built a diverse career in a number of key roles in both the legal and educational sectors. She’s developed a reputation for leading with honesty, integrity, and a strong commitment to service. Here at Baker Boyer, she thrives as a part of our wealth management team. Nicole’s approach is both proactive and highly personalized; she’s dedicated to making every client feel safe, heard, and understood.

In collaboration with our skilled team, Nicole aims to provide a world-class client experience right here in Walla Walla. She’s particularly adept at tailoring the experience she provides to each client, taking the time to understand individual hopes, ideas, and fears, while providing support to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

Nicole is passionate about community involvement. She regularly volunteers in educational settings and at a local animal shelter. She’s eager to discover more opportunities to give back to the Walla Walla community in her spare time.

  • Five Things About Me
  • Is an introvert who enjoys spending time with extroverts
  • Loves to celebrate others and does not love to be celebrated
  • Is Canadian, with a son born in Lincoln, Nebraska, a daughter born in Chicago, Illinois, and a husband who, while born in Washington state, grew up in Japan and Kenya
  • Loves snowy winters but does not like being cold
  • Favorite book: Who can possibly ever choose just one? Current obsession: Demon Copperfield. Go-to re-read: To Kill a Mockingbird. Authors who always deliver: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, John Irving, Ibram X. Kendi, Jon Krakauer, Ann Patchett, Louise Penny, Jason Reynolds, Mary Roach, Arundhati Roy