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Milton-Freewater Closure Resources

Milton-Freewater Branch

Baker Boyer has made the decision to not re-open the Milton-Freewater branch after flooding forced its closure two months ago. Please note that while the branch is closing, no client accounts are closing as a result. You are still a Baker Boyer client and we will continue to serve you at our existing locations.

There are many reasons that factored into this very difficult decision. The first is the cost to rebuild and restaff the branch. The second is the transformation of how many of our clients are choosing to transact with the Bank. Over the years Baker Boyer has seen a strong upsurge in mobile and digital banking where clients have opted to transact through our mobile and digital branch options. This has caused a precipitous drop in in-person transactions. Correspondingly, we are consolidating our in-person retail offerings to our Walla Walla branches and we welcome you to utilize them in the future. The final major factor is Baker Boyer’s evolution towards providing more specialized assistance to our entrepreneurs and small businesses in our entire Valley, including Milton-Freewater.

This evolution will consume resources of employee’s time, energy and financial resources. The additional expense of rebuilding and restaffing the branch would hamper our plans to provide even greater assistance and expertise to local businesses throughout the Valley. It is because of these major factors we have decided to consolidate our efforts to provide even better services for Milton-Freewater and the entire Walla Walla Valley.


  • The last day the branch will be open to the public is June 17th, 2022, including the ATM and safe deposit boxes. The ATM will be open to the public until then and the lobby will continue to be closed except by appointment only.
  • If you have a safe deposit at this location located at 320 N. Columbia, Milton-Freewater you will be able to transfer your box to another Baker Boyer branch at no cost to you. We will be sending a follow-up letter with more details about your options for your safe deposit box.
  • We highly value having you as a client and you can use any location that is most convenient to you. No action is needed from you as your accounts remain open.
  • The Plaza lobby is now open and just a few miles away.


If you have questions about your accounts or need assistance, we have a dedicated team standing by, just call us at (509) 525-2000.

Q:Will there still be an ATM?

No, the last date of availability for the ATM will be June 17th.

Q:What are you doing with the safe deposit boxes?

If you have a safe deposit at Milton-Freewater will be able to open a new box to another location at no cost to them.  

If they do not want to transfer your box, then they will need to clear out the contents of their box by June 10th.  

A letter with details will be sent to Milton-Freewater clients that have a safe deposit box at that location.

Q:How do I deposit my checks or get cash?

Based on needs provide resources including: 

  • Cash can be withdrawn or checks deposited at any of our other locations, drive-thrus, or ATMs.
  • Baker Boyer ATMs have no fees. Family Advising clients and clients with Executive Checking accounts have non-Baker Boyer ATM fees refunded.
  • Our Digital Banking staff are there to help you with your questions or to connect you with an expert for your need.
  • Online check deposit allows you to deposit your checks wherever you are if you don’t have time to come into the branch.
  • Location hours can be found on our website at bakerboyer.com/locations
Q:I have things in my safe deposit box that I need to access. How do I get access to those?

Clients can call (509) 525-2000 to make an appointment to access their safe deposit box at a time that is convenient for them.

Q:What will happen to the staff at Milton-Freewater?

Employees who typically work at the Milton-Freewater location have been reassigned to help at other Baker Boyer locations.  

There will be no layoffs as a result of the location not reopening. 

If you have questions about your accounts or need assistance, we have a dedicated team standing by, just call us at (509) 525-2000.