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TD AMERITRADE - Hopes for a Broader Market Rally

Our CIO John Cunnison discusses the latest market moves on TD Ameritrade Network. He says although we’ve seen a recent surge in tech stocks, “with a viable vaccine, I think we’re going to see other areas of the market participate in a rally.”

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Yahoo! Finance - What to Expect From Tech Earnings This Week

John Cunnison, CFA shares his notes on the tech space on Yahoo! Finance. According to John, "The other thing I think that's really important is, traditionally, we've seen, as these behemoth companies, the big tech, become the largest companies on the block and look pretty richly valued, you're going to start to see a rotation to some smaller names in the tech space, and those tend to offer slightly more value."

RETIREMENT DAILY - The Advantages of Adding an HSA to Your Financial Strategy

Did you know Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are triple tax-advantaged? Director of Financial Planning Brian Bruggeman, CFP®, CTFA explores the potential benefits of an HSA in TheStreet's Retirement Daily.

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT - How to Pick Stocks: 7 Things All Beginner Investors Should Know

Our own CIO John Cunnison discusses both the qualitative and quantitative factors that should be considered when analyzing the company you are choosing to invest in.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR - Here's How Trump and Biden May Change Your Clients' Taxes

This year’s presidential candidates are extremely divided when it comes to their stances on tax issues like the corporate tax rate and deductions and credits for businesses, so how can you plan for either outcome? Our Director of Financial Planning Brian Bruggeman says it’s key to work with your advisor now since many people have not had time to “fully dive into the different aspects.”