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Option 1: Automated FULL Application and Submission

Option 1 is for the FULL Application that was revised June 16, 2020, and may be used for either an 8- or 24-week Covered Period. Features include:

  • Online data entry form
  • Autofill of Application pages required to be submitted, including calculations
  • E-signature capability
  • Direct submission of your Application
  • Upload link for all supporting documents

This online tool—including calculations—is provided for your convenience. Each Applicant is responsible for double-checking and certifying all calculations, including the loan forgiveness amount.


Before starting the online process, we recommend that you have all of the information required in the Application, including all supporting documentation. A checklist of the potential items needed for your Application can be found here. Once you begin the application process, you will have the option to save your work and resume at a later time.