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Round 1: Submission of Already-Completed Application

The Bank will only accept applications that have been uploaded and submitted through the link below. If you need assistance completing the application, we recommend contacting your accountant or tax advisor. As always, you may contact your Baker Boyer Advisor with any questions.

This option may be used to submit either the FULL, EZ, or SBA Form 3508S Application. The process includes: 

  • Uploading your already-completed Application (in PDF)
  • Uploading all supporting documents

*Important Notice*
Due to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, enacted on 12/27/2020, additional guidance was released that may allow certain PPP borrowers to request an increase to their original PPP loan. By applying for forgiveness you are acknowledging that you have reviewed the relevant guidance and have elected to proceed with the forgiveness process.



Before starting the online process, we recommend that you have all of the information required in the Application, including all supporting documentation. A list of the potential items needed for your Application can be found here. Once you begin the application process, you will have the option to save your work and resume at a later time.

All forms of Applications may be submitted through this link. Please note that if you have a loan for $150,000 or less you may use Form 3508S which does not require you to submit any supporting documentation as part of your Application. Documents and records are still required to be maintained by all applicants.

Upon submission you will receive an email confirmation that your Application has been received. Processing time will be dependent on the volume of Applications received by Baker Boyer. The CARES Act allows the Bank 60 days to approve an Application once a complete Application has been submitted. The amount of loan forgiveness is not final until approved by both Baker Boyer and the SBA.

Throughout this process, we will be working with ProBank Austin, a consulting firm we have partnered with before, to expedite the forgiveness process. You may receive emails from PPPLoanTeam@ProBank.com requesting additional documentation or details about your Application. To ensure emails do not end up in your Spam or Junk folder, you may want to add the domain name (probank.com) and the above email address to your “Approved Senders List” (also known as “white-listing”).