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Legacy Giving Program

A commitment to growing local legacies through non-profits

Part of helping build local legacies is to empower the people and organizations in the community to help them make a change for an impactful future. Every legacy has to start somewhere and that often comes with initial large financial needs. The Legacy Giving Program is designed to help alleviate some of the costs of building a non-profit organization’s legacy. This program could include donations for: an endowment to get your legacy started; capital structure/fixed asset costs; or long-term investments in education. This does not include monies for annual operating costs. Legacy Giving is for large-scale projects that positively impact the community Baker Boyer serves and will last five years or longer. This program was created as an opportunity for larger legacies to be built in the communities Baker Boyer serves (Walla Walla, Milton-Freewater, Tri-Cities, and Yakima) by providing financial support to help kick-start major community projects. Legacy gifts are not designed to be ongoing, continuous gifts. Requests for legacy gifts must anticipate the future sustainability of the project. 

How to apply for a Legacy Giving Program grant

Application deadline for the Legacy Giving Program is February 15th. Applications will be reviewed by the grantmaking committee within 45 days. Additional information or a review with the applicant may be requested if needed. If an organization does not receive funding, they must wait at least one year to reapply.

Click here to download the Application Form for Legacy Giving Program grant requests.