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Celebrating our 150th Anniversary!

Baker Boyer Sesquicentennial Logo

2019 marked an important milestone for Baker Boyer and our community. One hundred and fifty years ago, on November 10, 1869, Baker Boyer established itself as the oldest independently-run bank in the future State of Washington, making us the “original Pacific Northwest bank.”

We have established a 150-year legacy of innovation and community development. We have partnered with entrepreneurs, with multi-generational business owners, and individuals to help build the vibrant Eastern Washington communities we enjoy.

Today Baker Boyer is the product of two important factors.  First, the creative vision of our founders and second, the insights and expertise of our employees.

Dr. Dorsey Syng Baker was a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. In addition to co-founding our bank, he founded a medical practice, a mercantile, he built a railroad, started a steamship company, he donated the land where Whitman College resides, and he contributed to numerous other civic causes. That tradition of entrepreneurism and philanthropy have carried through six generations of family ownership and leadership in the Bank, as well with each of our employees.

Our mission is “Family Legacies Grown Locally.” To help achieve that vision, Baker Boyer has become much more than a bank.

We go beyond simply taking deposits and making loans. We understand that it is vital for us to partner with you to explore your dreams, develop personal and family goals, discuss issues that are keeping you awake at night, and to build plans and solutions uniquely tailored to you. 

Baker Boyer's 150th Anniversary Book

"150 Years a Pioneer: The Unlikely Story of Baker Boyer, Walla Walla, and the Region" is a celebration of six generations of commitment to building a thriving and vibrant community. The collection of stories illustrates how the power of collaboration and innovative thinking, valuing relationships, and tending to the strengths of the people and the land are the foundations for an undeniable community spirit.

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