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Advisor Video Bios

When choosing who you want to work with, it is nice to read more than a resume. These video bios help you to get to know a few of our advisors, their motivations, and their role with Baker Boyer.

John Cunnison

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"The Power of Time"

John Cunnison is Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager at Baker Boyer. He tells a story about how his grandparents' decision to invest in college education for their grandchildren helped provide the foundation for his professional success today. He explains how this helped him to understand the importance of identifying what you value most, and then developing a well-thought-out financial plan, coupled with time and discipline, can help you make your dreams a reality. Click here to learn more about John. 

Susie Columbo

"The Value of Giving"

Susie Colombo recalls first learning about the joy that comes from taking care of our neighbors when she just in grade school. That experience helped to instill the idea of “giving back” as one of her core values. Today, she strives to set an example for her children by showing them the joy of “paying it forward.” Susie received the “Woman of the Year” merit award for the Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce in recognition for her notable leadership in philanthropy. She applies that passion and understanding in her work at a Family Advisor at Baker Boyer. Click here to learn more about Susie.

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Joe Burlingame

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"Hometown Boy"

Joe Burlingame is a Business Advisor and a Walla Walla Valley native. He grew up on his family ranch which has been here for five generations. He attributes growing up on the ranch and learning lessons from his dad to shaping his work ethic and character today. As an animal lover, one of his proudest accomplishments was serving as the President of the Blue Mt. Humane Society. Being deeply rooted in this community, Joe is able to understand his clients’ needs and help them build their legacy to secure their future for generations to come. Click here to learn more about Joe.

Claudia Houck

"Summer Jobs & Lifelong Lessons"

Claudia Houck reminisces about her childhood summers in Walla Walla, WA doing odd jobs with her father and siblings. From an early age she learned the value of working hard and saving her money to accomplish goals which she applied by putting herself through school. When she started her career in financial services, she found a passion in wanting to pass these lessons on to empower her clients. As a Family Advisor with Baker Boyer, Claudia spends time with her clients to gain a deep understanding of their goals so that they have a successful financial journey. Click here to learn more about Claudia.

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Brian Bruggeman

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"Money and Emotion"

Brian Bruggeman explains how his interest in finance started in high school when his father’s choices for managing an inheritance in the ‘90s resulted in disappointment. Today, as a Financial Planning Manager for Baker Boyer, Brian has used that experience to motivate him to learn all he can about finance so that he can inform and advise clients to avoid potential pitfalls so they can feel empowered about their financial futures. Click here to learn more about Brian.