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At its recent board meeting, Stephen G. Kimball retired from the Baker Boyer Board of Directors.

After graduation from college, Steve served as an officer in the United States Air Force. He was then employed by Baker Boyer in March of 1970.

Over his thirty-five year tenure at the bank he held the positions of Bank Investment Officer and Head of Banking Division before becoming CEO, President and Chairman of the Board. Steve also began serving on the Baker Boyer Bank Board of Directors in 1977.

Throughout his years working at Baker Boyer and serving on the board of directors Steve has witnessed considerable change in the banking industry and within the bank itself.

He has served on the Portland Branch of the Federal Reserve Board and Washington Bankers Association Board as well as numerous community boards over the years.

“It has been my pleasure to serve Steve and share responsibility in continuing the Baker Boyer family legacy for generations,” said Megan Clubb, President and CEO.

The Baker Boyer Bancorp board is currently made up of twelve directors which include Baker family, non-family outside directors, Baker Boyer officers, and representatives from communities Baker Boyer serves.