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Recently Baker Boyer Bank was notified by VISA that the names and card numbers of credit and debit card holders were compromised during a data breach. The breach involved cards used at a national grocery store chain between June 22nd and July 17th of 2014, and involved numerous other banks across the country.

Because of recent enhancements to Baker Boyer Bank’s fraud protection and security systems we have more flexibility in monitoring and responding to such threats. For customers whose cards were affected, new cards will be reissued to them starting today. Affected clients will be receiving a notice from the Bank either through the mail or email starting on August 21st. The notice will include instructions on the process that will take place and how we will minimize the risk and disruption to their account. The data breach only included the name on the credit or debit card along with the card number. No customer account information was breached and as such, customer bank accounts have not been affected and normal banking operations can take place including checking, online banking and mobile banking.

We have produced a list of frequently asked questions and answers that will help you understand the impact on your account, if any.

Question: Was my debit/credit card compromised?
A. If your card has been compromised, shortly you will receive a separate letter or e-mail from Baker Boyer with further instructions. If you have not received a letter or email from Baker Boyer in the next few days your card has NOT been affected in the recent data breach. As always, it is important to keep your contact information current with the bank so we can reach you in an event like this.

Question: Was Baker Boyer specifically targeted for this cyber-attack?
A. No, Baker Boyer was one of many financial institutions whose cards were compromised at a grocery store chain. This is a national issue and each financial institution is handling the threat based on their protocols.

Question: How does this affect my actual account at Baker Boyer?
A. If your account has been affected and you received a notice from Baker Boyer, the only information that was compromised was the number and name on affected debit or credit cards. This did not affect your actual account here at Baker Boyer. As such, you are free to use your checks, online banking and mobile banking as you have always done.

Question: I am still confused about the process, who should I talk to?
A. Baker Boyer is your local community bank. Please call us at (509) 525-2000 or come in to any of our branches and we will discuss this event with you in person and answer any questions you may have. Our focus at this point is to make you, our customer, comfortable with the actions taken and answer any questions you may have.

Question: What other precautions should I take?
A. When large scale card fraud is present, it is possible that you may be called by someone pretending to be from Baker Boyer. Always be alert to possible fraud and never give out personal information such as full social security numbers, PINs, or other passwords. Baker Boyer will never call and ask you for any of these items. If you are in doubt, always call Baker Boyer directly at (509) 525-2000 in order to be sure you are talking with a real bank representative.

Also, as a backup it is always a good idea to carry additional forms of purchasing power with you (cash, checks, credit card, etc.).

Although Baker Boyer and the grocery store chain are not responsible for this event, we are sorry for any inconvenience this latest data breach may have caused you. Baker Boyer’s primary concern is the safety of the assets you entrust to us. As such we will continue to improve our security software and systems in order to safe guard your assets.

Mark H. Kajita