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Baker Boyer is taking the action, along with many other banks, to deny any foreign transactions that have not been pre-approved. In order to receive a temporary waiver please, contact the bank prior to travel outside the United States. Please contact us at (509) 525-2000 or (800) 234-7323. This also applies to travel in Mexico and Canada.

We are taking this action to protect our clients and assist them in avoiding disruptions due to fraud initiated by fraudsters outside the U.S. Fraudsters are continuing to obtain debit card numbers from merchant breaches in the U.S. and they are selling them to other fraudsters who are committing fraud in foreign countries.

Debit cards carry a greater risk than credit cards because they are linked to checking and savings accounts. Some of our clients have already been impacted, and we think this action will help prevent future problems.

The restriction also includes foreign purchases online. While they can be included in the waiver request, we encourage you to limit these transactions as much as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Keeping your accounts secure is our top priority at Baker Boyer, and unfortunately fraudsters continually find new ways to commit fraud.

Below is a list of tips you may find helpful in keeping your accounts safe when traveling. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Tips for Protecting Your Accounts While Traveling Outside the U.S.

Following these simple tips will increase the chance that your trip will be enjoyable and hassle free.

Before Your Trip

  • Be sure to request a waiver to use your debit card outside the United States. To obtain a temporary waiver, contact us at (509) 525-2000, (800) 234-7323 or visit your local branch. Foreign transactions will not be processed unless a waiver is obtained for specific days of travel.
  • Don’t broadcast your absence, especially on social media. Suspend mail and newspaper delivery. Set lights to come on at scheduled times and arrange to have someone check in during your absence.

During Your Trip

  • Use multiple credit cards for most of your foreign purchases. Even if a credit card is lost, stolen or compromised, the risk of loss is generally limited to the limit on the card.
  • Be sure to check with your provider in advance about whether higher fees and rates apply for foreign transactions.
  • When possible, limit usage of debit cards to ATMs only. These cards are a particular risk because they are tied to your checking and savings accounts.
  • In addition to credit cards, consider getting a small amount of foreign currency for cabs, tips, etc. Baker Boyer offers foreign exchange at competitive rates.

After Your Trip

  • As always, make sure to monitor your accounts and review statements to verify all charges.
  • If you notice charges that appear to be fraudulent, contact us immediately at (509) 525-2000 or (800) 243-7323.